Monday, November 28, 2005

Buenos Aires - 27 Nov 2005

Today I slept untill 11.00 and then I went into the city for a few hours to visit the main downtown monuments like the casa rosa from where Evita did her famous speeches. Buenos Aires looks a bit Europe too with even a C&A and Stella Artois everywhere. This morning I booked a strange excursion for 45 euro. They say when you are in south america you should see at least 1 footballgame so at 14.30 a bus picked me at the hotel an off we where to the River Plate Stadion just outside the city. We went into the catacombs, visited the fanshop and then got
a one of the best seats in the stadion a bit away from the fanatic supporters clans. Club Atletico River Plate is 6th in the competition with only 2 games to go after today and today they welcomed the leader in the competition Club Gimnasia y Esgrima L.P. or short Gimnasia L.P.
When we entered the stadium the hard clans where already in position singing and waiving
flags like crazy people, every game here has more entertainment than the English Cupfinal.
A guy from Spain told me he had never seen this in Spain, not at Real Madrid neither at Barcelona. You should really shout sometimes to understand each other. I had to take pictures and small movies to see it back at home this carnaval. It was an open and sometimes hard game
and during the game the firebrigade cooled off the fans by spraying water on them with the
big firetubes. It was clear that Gimnasia is the leader cause they won the game easy with 1-3.
After the game I went back in the city and now I am going to look for some dinner and watch
some streetacts from clowns and stuff on the streets here.