Monday, November 21, 2005

Rio Gallegos - 21 Nov 2005

Last night was bustime again. Yesterday evening the bus was 1 hour too late so at around 20.00
I left the Puerto Madryn busterminal on a Andesmar bus. We drove the whole night through Patagonia which is boring cause the scenery does not change on this 1200 km traject. At around
15.00 hr today we arrived in the small oil town Rio Gallegos, 1 hour too late to get a smooth
connection to El Calefate. Lucky enough there is another bus at 20.30 hr tonight so I dont have
to stay here cause there is not much to see. The trip to El Calefate takes about 5 hours. From El Calefate I want to visit the Moreno glacier which is about 80 km from El Calefate.