Sunday, November 06, 2005

La Paz - 5 Nov 2005

Today I could sleep a bit longer than usual. I came out of my bed at 09.30 hr, just in time for a shower and to get down for breakfast, toast with marmalade, fruitjuice and coffee. Its strange
how they serve the coffee here. You get hot water and a small can with a black thick fluid in it
which should be the coffee itself. I am eating good again. Yesterdayevening I found a jewish
pizzeria and they had really good pizza,s. Of course my eyes were bigger than my stomach and
I could only finish half of this huge 3 persons pizza romana. After my breakfast this morning
I went to a photo shop to burn my first set of pictures, about 390 pictures, on cd. I keep a copy
with me here and I also have sent a copy home by post. That was something. In the big building
of the Bolivian post I first had to go to the narcotica brigade to let them check if I did not want to send cocaine home as a souvenir. When they saw my package was cocaine free they put a stamp
on the package, then I had to go to the customs as a formality and they also put a stamp on the
back of the package and then I got green light to send it home.

After this bureaucratic theatre I was ready for a walk to the city. I passed markets where
you could buy everything you need, including coca leaves. I also visited the witches market
where you can buy all kind of "vodoo" things like dried animals, phoetuses of lama,s , tallymans
etc... . Furthermore I saw the gouvermentbuildings and the presidential palace and the
"champs-Elysees" of La Paz where I so a place you could eat all different kinds of icecream
and cakes you could imagine.

After my citytour I went to skybolivia, the travelagency, for my tickets and reservations
for the coming week, starting with my mountainbike tour to Coroico tomorow. I have
been surfing for a while this evening and saw that Germinal-Beerschot could win a game

again, beating Lierse with 4-0. There are still wonders in this world.

I think I am going to get back to that restaurant of yesterday and order a huge spagethi
this time, calories I certainly will need tomorow.

Take care you all