Saturday, October 29, 2005

A horrible ride from Nazca to Cuzco - 28 Oct 2005

Yesterday I had to take the bus at 21.00 but as usual the bus came at 22.30. The first 2 hours went well but then the bus went into the Andes and for 14 hours I did not see 1 single straight stretch of 500 meter anymore, left right left right left right all the way. It did not take long to get
dizzy but I could manage untill 07.00 in the morning, then it was time to put my head out of
the window, with thanks for the cars behind us for their understanding.

I did not see much from the snow topped mountains and when we arrived in Cuzco busstation at around 12.00 noon it took me an hour to get back alive before taking a taxi to the centre. I paid
the taxi 5 sol and checked in in the Teqsiqocha hostel for 6 USD which is 40 percent of the normal price here, its clear that we are in the low season here. The woman at the reception saw my
face and proposed me to take some rest first in the room before to check in officially what I did
with pleasure.

After my ´´rest´´ I walked a bit around in the centre of Cuzco, 3326 meter above sea level.
The altitude gives me a bit headache but I will stay 4 days here to get used to the height before heading further to
Puno and La Paz which are much higher . The centre here is really nice with a lot of old churches and buildings so tomorow I will spend the whole day exploring the city.

The weather is still ok. I did not see one drip of rain or snow untill now and the average day
temperure is 20 degrees, diving to freezing in the night here in Cuzco. Now I look forward to a
good and undisturbed nightrest tonight.