Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Nazca - 26 October 2005

Hi all,

Lets start where I finished my last update. So...., this morning I woke up at 05.30 and after
my websession between 6 and 7 I went into the centre of Miraflores to find some phonecards.
Most of the shops where still closed but I could find a couple of cards in a newspaperkiosk.
They use Numero Uno cards here to call Europe cheap and they cost 10 Sol which is about
3 euro whats 3 poor euro,s if you have a girlfriend sitting home who is waiting for you.
No,.... I am not gonna tell you what I say on the phone you crazy guys. I am refering to my
collegues Tom, Jo and Stefan and maybe Leen too, all APL Belgium staff.

Well, when I got the cards I took a taxi back to the guesthouse and let the taxidriver wait
untill I made a small call and took my bags. He brought me to the busstation in Lima and
arrived at 09.00 just in time for the bus. I paid him 13 Sol for his services including a mini
course Spanish. Of course , as usual in countries like this one, the bus left 1 hr later at 10.00

Next to me in the bus sat a woman, I think she was 40. She started talking to me in
Spanish and I tried to explain her that I did not understand 1 word of what she was
saying but it did not help so she went on for about 40 minuts tatatatatatatataaa............
and I said si and no so now and then to please her while I was looking out of the window.
I was glad she left the bus and I got my peace back.

After 1 hour of busride I thought I was crossing the sahara in Africa....sand, sand and
sand again for hours going on. Later it changed in huge dune hills, they claim the biggest
dune hill in the world is about 30 km from Nazca. The last 2 hours of the busride I thought
I was on the moon....sand and huge mountains all black, grey and white mixed, no green
tree to see. They say the Atacama desert is on another planet so I am curious what it
has more to offer than what I saw today.

After 8 hours of bus I arrived in Nazca in the dark at around 19.00 hrs. A guy who should
bring me to the Estrella del Sur hotel took me to the Paramonga Hostel, for a commission
of course , but the Paramonga was 2 USD cheaper than the Estrella del Sur and the room
with attached bathroom looks ok. I got the room for 15 Sol which is about 4,50 euro so its
going in the direction of Asian prices.

I booked a tour with a travel agency to see the Nazca lines. I will tell you a bit more
about that tomorow. I am going to eat something now cause besides 2 sandwiches
I did not eat today. Sure my fat will be gone when I am back.

Cheers to you all my dear readers.