Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Lima - 25th October

It was 05.30 in the morning when I wake up. I think its a new record this year. The weather was foggy outside and with a temperature of 16 degrees. At around 8 I took a taxi to the busstation to buy a ticket to Nazca for 26th. The ticket costed me 20 Sol. After bying the ticket I
took the same taxi to the city centre. However we agreed a fixed price of 11 Sol, the taxidriver came up with a story het had to make a deviation and asked 15 Sol so after a short discussion
I put 11 Sol in his hands and said buenos dias and walked away.

I first visited the main square with the presidential palace and the cathedral. After that I
walked a bit through the city. The sun came through the clouds and the temperature reached about 21 degrees now. You see a lot of policemen in the city dressed up as they will
meet a bunch of hooligans soon but I think its just to make some impression on the people
as a general warning, at least it made me feel safe.

I also visited the convent of San Fransiscus. Now I know where the makers of the popular
PC game ¨return to castle wolvenstein¨ got there ideas for the scenes with the zombies
in the catacombs. I went in these catacombs in the convent and I thought I was in the
middle of the game, gangways, crosses, candle lights, graves, bones and was all

When walking in the direction of China Town I saw a demonstration to promote a
politician for the presidential ellections of 2006. The man himself saw me and gave me
a hand while making important phonecalls with his mobile, so maybe I met the new
president of Peru, lets check in 2006.

China Town itself is a bit strange. You have all ingredients to make it chinese as
restaurants, shops etc... except for the Chinese themself, they are all replaced by
Peruvian locals.

At around 14.00 hr I had enough of the city and took a taxi back to Miraflores for
8 Sol. I went for a look to the Pacific Ocean. You first have to descent 70 meters high
rocks down to the beach and cross the Panamerican highway. The beach itself is
rocky, no sand and the water too cold to swim now. The only people you see are the
surfers in protected suits and some paragliders.

At around 16.00 hrs I was back in the guesthouse and made a phonecall to Belgium.
After the call I went to my bed to rest a bit and fall asleep, jetlag problems. I woke
up at around 01.00 am local time which is 08.00 in Belgium so I tried to sleep a bit
longer but at 05.30 I had to get out of the bed again.

At 08.00 I have to leave the guesthouse to the busstation heading for Nazca.