Friday, August 26, 2005

Flight tickets

Last week I bought my flighttickets at the Joker Office in Schoten, I fly with Iberia on 24th October from Brussels to Madrid and from Madrid to Lima. The returnflight will be on 4th December from Rio de Janeiro to Madrid and a connecting flight from Madrid to Brussels on
5th December. I managed to get the flight for 785,97 euro tax included which is not so bad considering the high airporttaxes costing 155,00 euro.

My overland route in South America is also getting more clear. From Lima I go via Nazca to
Cuzco, further via Lake Titica to La Paz in Bolivia, further south via Sucre and Potosi to
Salta in Argentina. As from Salta I will have to make a choice for which I will wait untill I am
there. An option, but time consuming, is to go back over the Andes to San Pedro de Atacama
in Chile, further south to Santiago de Chile and from there via Mendoza to Buenos Aires. A
faster option is going straight from Salta to Buenos Aires which is a 22 hrs busride. So here
it will depend how much time I spend in Peru and Bolivia. From Buenos Aires it goes straight
north to Ciudad de Iguazu, the Iguazu waterfalls, where I will cross the border into Brazil.
Via Foz de Iguazu I will go over Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro.

Now I need to catch up some Spanish and Portugese to get myself clear over there. I know
from a previous trip in Central America that English is not common over there and you easily
get an american "gringo" stamp on your forehead if you keep speaking English,

Hasta la vista,