Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Cuzco 1 Nov 2005

Today I slept untill about 11.00 when firecrackers and a barking dog woke me up. My arms
were still itchy, I counted the total bites I got and came to 120 bites. I took a picture of both my arms to proove that I am not lying, they look like a Picasso.

When I passed a shop outside I saw they had cheese, so I bought some cheese and bread
as lunch to take with me on my afternoon trip. I went to Saqsaywaman, a inca ruine just
outside Cuzco. The entry was 40 Sol or about 11 USD. As the site lies about 200 meter
higher than the city I had a nice view over the city and I could see snowtopped mountains
far away. The weather was nice so I visited the site at ease and spend the afternoon there
doing nothing.

When I was back in Cuzco I did some shopping and in the evening I found the first descent
meal in a week for the cheapest price this week, chicken with french fries, a fresh salade and
a sprite for 8 Sol or a bit more than 2 USD.

Tomorow I have to catch a bus to Puno at 08.00 hrs which means leaving the hostel at
around 7 to catch a taxi to the busstation.