Sunday, October 30, 2005

Cuzco - 29 Oct 2005

Yesterday I was so tired that I went to bed at around 19.00 hrs local time. The only thing I ate
before was some chinese soup. In the night I suffered from the altitude and it was not easy to get asleep. I came out of my bed again at around 13.00 hrs in the afternoon and took a shower.
During the night I was thinking about bying alitude medication in the pharmacy but after the
shower I felt a bit better and apart from so headache its ok now.

I went to a travel agency to buy the necessary tickets for Machu Pichu. Its becoming a
bit a tourist trap but the authorities know quite well that no tourist will leave Peru without
visiting Mach Pichu. The entry + transport costed me 120,00 USD. I will leave tomorow
at 05.30 in the morning and I will stay for the night in the small village of Agua Calientes
about 12 km from Machu Pichu so I can visit the site in the early morning of Monday.
Monday afternoon I will come back and I suspect to be back in Cuzco at around 21.00 hrs
Monday evening.

Tuesday I will spend my day visiting some inca remains around Cuzco and on Wednesday
I will take a bus at 08.00 in the morning to Puno. I bought my busticket today for 35 Sol.

It,s 18.30 hr now so I will go for a light diner and after I will go to bed early again as
it will be an early day as well tomorow.