Thursday, November 03, 2005

Puno 2 Nov 2005

This morning I woke up at 06.00 and at 07.00 I took a taxi to the central bus station.
It was almost 09.00 when my bus finally left the terminal to Puno. The ride was very
nice all the way over the altiplano going from 3300 to 4000 meter, through highland
valleys with nice small villages and a lot of sheeps and Lama,s along the road. By times
we could almost catch the snow on some mountains.

In the late afternoon Puno showed up along lake Titicaca, a nice view. The lake, 3810 meters above sealevel, is the highest lake in the world, navigable by large vessels. Tomorow I will
make my own boattrip on this lake.

After 10 days of basic cheap hotels with most of the time only cold water it was time for
a splurge today so I checked in in the Don Julio Hotel, a brand new hotel which gave me
a big room with 2 large beds, luxe bathroom with hot water, TV with moviechannel etc...
for ........... yes..... 15,00 USD per night. It will do me good before going into the mountains
and jungle of Bolivia as from Saturday.

Besides the busride I did not do much more today so I hope to tell you more interesting
news tomorow.