Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Santiago de Chile - 16 Nov 2005

I am back in Europe. At least that,s the feeling I have walking through Santiago. Such a clean and nice city with a lot parks. It could have been Barcelona or Paris. I went into a supermarket
and inside I thought I was in a Delhaize or Carrefour. This is really Europe in South America.
I visited the most important parts of the city today and where-ever you go, you always see
the mighty Andes with snowcapped peaks just a few miles away from you. The daily life
goes its way here, well dressed office people having a quick lunch, youth shopping in the
many shopping streets etc... Compared to Peru and Bolivia life is also more expensive here,
so european looks, european prices. This evening I take a bus at 20.30 to Osorno so another
night on the bus, am getting used to it.

Cheers mates