Thursday, November 10, 2005

Rurrenabaque - 10 Nov 2005

Hello, sorry that it was a bit quite but I am in the middle of nowhere with only one internetplace
when I am in town and none when I am in the pampas or jungle of course. Sunday morning I went 80 km downhill by mountainbike from La Cumbre (4700 meter) near La Paz to Coroico
(1500 meter) on the most dangerous road of the world, also called dead road. When you see
the pictures which I will post when I am back in Belgium, you will see why. If I had been in a bus
I would have shit in my pant. Hundreds of people died here already when they went into the deep with their car , truck or bus. I went from snow to subtropical jungle.

The day after I took a bus at 14.00 in the afternoon to Rurrenabaque, a place deep in the jungle
and pampas, not far from Peru and on the way to the Brazilian jungle. The bus did the last part
of the deadroad which I survived and then flat land. I arrived here Tuesdaymorning with extremely heavy rainfall at around 06.00 in the morning. At 09.00 the same day I took a
4x4 jeep into the pampas for about 100 km and then we went on a boat for 3 hours upto the
pampas bease camp. On teh way we saw a lot of birds, monkeys and alligators. The pampas
is a real mosquito hell. I fought out a war with them for 3 days and killed a lot but they hit
me about 200 times I think. They go through clothes, even jeans and repellent does not help
so much. In the 3 days we saw monkeys, alligators, pink dolphins, pirhanas, a kind of big rat and
lots of birds from parrots to big waterbirds.

Its Thursday 18.00 now and I just arrived back in Rurrenabaque from the pampas, the internet
goes down from time to time and its impossible to upload pictures as the sattelite connection is too slow so that will be for La Paz again. Tomorow morning friday I go into the jungle for 2 days and Sundaymorning I take a
small Cessna Caravan airplane out of here to La Paz, so whish me good luck with the mosquitos for the next 2 days and you here back from me on Sunday ok.

Cheers all