Sunday, November 27, 2005

Buenos Aires - 26 Nov 2005

This morning I had really bad weather with a lot of rain. I woke up at 09.00 and took a shower but the weather
was so bad that I went to bed again and stood inside untill 12.00 when the rain stopped. I read on the internet
I am not the only one who suffers from bad weather cause Belgium is not much better with rain and snow and freezing temperatures. At 13.30 I went to the airport. I was lucky I booked a flight to Buenos Aires with LAN
cause Lineas Argentinas was on strike today. At 13.22 the plane took off. One hour and 20 minutes later the
plane landed in Puerto Rivadavia, an oil town at the coast to drop and pick up some passengers and 30 minuts
later we were back in the air. At 19.20 we touched down on the domestic airport of Buenos Aires. I thought
I was landing on the old airport of Hong Kong as we flew low over the city before landing and I could almost
see in the kitchens of the flats we passed while landing. Due to the strike of Lineas Argentinas the airport was
full with planes but we could manage to find a parking spot ;-)

The weather is here much better than in the south, about 24 degrees and a bit sticky. I took a taxi to the
central busstation of Buenos Aires, the biggest I ever saw. The ticket row was almost 500 meter long with
over 150 ticket offices, all different companies and outside they have slots for 70 busses at 1 time. I bought
a ticket to Ciudad de Iguazu, 30 euro, departing monday at 15.00 hr local time and arriving tuesday 09.00 hr
local time, so I have 1.5 days to spend in Buenos Aires which is just enough to visit the highlights of te city.
After buying the ticket Ii checked in in hotel Central Cordoba for about 20 euro a night.

So tomorow a long walk through the city.