Tuesday, November 22, 2005

El Calefate - 22 Nov 2005

Yesterdayevening, before I took the bus in Rio Gallegos, I went to eat the biggest tenderloin
steak in my life. The way they eat steak here is like we eat fries in Belgium. For this huge 5 cm
thick steak and a glass of beer I paid less than 5 euro. With a full stomach I went on the bus for
the 5 hours ride to El Calefate. I arrived at 01.00 in the morning today and checked in in
Calefate hostel, a dorm bed for about 8 euro.

This morning I woke up at 07.00 and at 08.00 we left for a daytrip to the Petito Moreno
glacier, one of the biggest glaciers in the world. We had to drive 80 km and when we arrived
there it was dry but bitter cold and a lot of wind. I was glad I took warm clothes with me cause
freezing point was not far away. First we did a hike in the national park with beautifull views
of the glacier and the lake. After the hike we went on a boattrip on the lake to see the glacier
for closeby. Each time a piece of ice as big as a house broke off and fall in the lake it was like
a thunderstorm was above our heads.

At 17.00 hr we were back in El Calefate. I will have a diner and then go to bed early I think
cause I need some sleep.