Sunday, December 04, 2005

Rio de Janeiro - 4 Dec 2005

Hi, today its time to fly home again. The last 2 days I have been visiting the beaches of Rio, the downtown area and I went up to Sugar leaf mountain to have a beautifull view over Rio. The weather here changes from day to day. I had 2 days of sunshine and a whole day of rain and temperatures changing from 32 degrees to 21 degrees an today back to 25 degrees. Its my last
update from south america as at 17.10 local time today I will fly back to Belgium and tomorow noon I will be in Brussels. What I learned on my trip is that people in Europe should try to smile
a bit more and to be more open to each other. On former travels in Asia I saw people smiling everywhere and south america is not different, the people are open and friendly and enjoy life.
Belgium is known for its beers, good food and parties but when you walk into a pub and you smile to someone they think you are preparing an attack on them. Here you get a nice smile back and a second later you have a conversation. It,s something we should do more as well
in Europe. Well, thats it, I need to hurry a bit or I miss my flight.

Cheers all